Our Sustainability Approach

Our approach to sustainability starts with our people and centres around our customers whilst always being aware of our impact on society. We are focused on consistently improving our customer experience by simplifying our business processes and harnessing technology. We strive to ensure that through our growth, we are able to empower through job creation, skills development and social investment.

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Talent Management

In alignment with our vision, we are focused on building a game-changing team. We know that first impressions are lasting ones. Especially on the forecourt which is our customers’ first point of contact as they fill up their tank. We are fastidious about find service station personnel that are helpful, empowered and informed so that they can delight our customers. Our talent development processes are an integral part of our people management strategy and continuous investment via a dedicated Human Resources team ensures that we have the right people ready for progression at the right time and at the right place.

Safety First – SHEQ

At TFC operating points, the risk of harm to the environment is mitigated through a clear process which include comprehensive risk-assessment audits, training and development of our staff and preventative maintenance by a dedicated team of technical experts. Incident management procedures are clearly articulated and operating procedures for incidents are communicated and made known to staff.

Leveraging Culture and Diversity

We believe social and economic transformation is a business imperative and we embrace the opportunity to leave a legacy within the communities in which we operate. We commit to this through ensuring that leveraging culture and diversity is part of our strategic planning process and we continue to identify several ambitious focus areas, to ensure that we play a meaningful role in the transformation of the downstream retail fuel sector in South Africa.

Our social investments are reflective of our promise to develop enduring relationships and we therefore invest in medium to long-term partnerships. We ensure that we play to our strengths and therefore participate in programmes that are aligned to our core business. Education and related programmes form the backbone of our social investment priorities and since ourinception we have proudly supported learners’education journeys through, inter alia, fuel donations to the Pebbles Project.

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